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Roots Revival is more than just a music festival; it is a celebration of core values that are essential to humanity. The festival was born out of society's need for cultural expansion and as a response to the social distance that is not inherent in human nature. Through the unifying power of reggae music, Roots Revival seeks to promote peace, reconciliation, and love – all of which are values that are currently in deficit in our world.

As the only music festival of international profile in Herceg Novi, Roots Revival is an essential part of the city's cultural landscape. The festival expands the city's cultural wealth and creates a sense of acceptance and freedom for all city visitors, regardless of their skin color, eye color, or origin.

Reggae music is the perfect soundtrack for summer, and Herceg Novi, the city of the sun, deserves its reggae festival. Roots Revival stands side by side with the biggest reggae festivals in the region, showcasing the best reggae music and promoting the values of unity and love that are at the heart of the genre.

Roots Revival is led by a team of experienced professionals who have been promoting reggae music in the Balkans region for over 21 years. Their passion and dedication ensure that Roots Revival remains a world-class festival that promotes the best of reggae music and the values that it represents.

From Jamaica to Montenegro

Montenegro has a rich cultural history that is reflected in its music, art, and architecture. Reggae music, with its roots in Jamaica, may not seem to have an obvious connection to Montenegro, but the genre has a history of promoting social justice, freedom, and human rights, values that are important to the people of Montenegro.

Reggae music has a long history of promoting social and political change. From its roots in Jamaica, where it provided a voice for the disenfranchised and oppressed, to its worldwide appeal, reggae music has always been a genre that promotes unity, equality, and freedom. In Montenegro, reggae music has found a home in the hearts of many people who share these values.

Montenegro, like many countries in the Balkans, has a history of conflict and division. But music, and reggae music in particular, has the power to bring people together and promote understanding and acceptance. By hosting the Roots Revival festival, Montenegro is sending a message of hope and unity to the world, showcasing its rich cultural heritage and celebrating the values that are important to its people.

The connection between reggae music and Montenegro may not be immediately apparent, but the genre's promotion of unity, peace, and love is a universal message that transcends borders and cultures. By embracing reggae music and hosting the Roots Revival festival, Montenegro is demonstrating its commitment to these values and its desire to create a more peaceful and just world for all.

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